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William Mitchell


William Mitchell – B.A., M. Div., BCH, CI
has hypnotized thousands of individuals since 1997 in groups, private sessions and stage shows. He practices at his clinics in Illinois and teaches as a Certified Instructor for the NGH at Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis. He is also the founder of the Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St.Louis, MO. William Mitchell maintains a busy calendar performing for hypnosis shows and speaking at colleges, schools, fairs, and corporations.
At The Mid -America Hypnosis Conference he was awarded “Hypnotist of the Year 2009” A Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, Rev. Mitchell was previously an adjunct faculty member at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine serving on their Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Panel. In addition, Rev. Mitchell also serves as Pastor of First Baptist Church (American Baptist Church ) in Stonington, IL. Where his lives with his wife Linda and their children. Pastor Mitchell was honored with the 2009 NGH Religion and Hypnotism Award.

SPIRITUALITY and HYPNOSIS: Utilizing Spiritual Beliefs of Clients

What a client believes about the reason for their life, their purpose, their relationships with others, and what they hold sacred are spiritual concerns.
Often, among many traditional religious faith communities there is an unfortunate resistance to hypnosis due to misconceptions about hypnotism espoused by church members or the leaders. This workshop will address ways to relate to your spiritual clients in a helpful and respectful manner that allows everyone to incorporate their own beliefs and values as a positive resource for change. Hypnotic techniques will focus on creating “spiritual” rapport with the
individual client.
Encourage your spiritual / religious client to think of hypnosis as a gift from God for self-improvement
Use the client’s spiritual beliefs & values as a tool to create positive change
Interpret Christian scripture / theology and hypnotic trance
Interpret other faith traditions and hypnotic trance
Use helpful spiritual metaphors
Incorporate Biblical / Scriptural stories, metaphors and texts in your sessions