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Victoria Gallagher


Victoria Gallagher –  is a Certified Master Hypnotist who creates effective self-help and meditative recordings, delivered through online courses, audio programs, and live seminars. As founder of Hyptalk.com, in 1999 (and about 30 other websites) Victoria has written and recorded over 500 hypnosis recordings, 20 audio books, 60 Personal Growth Video Training Modules, and iPhone hypnosis apps. These recordings have provided a highly profitable, prosperous, and passive income.

Passive Profit and Prosperity with Hypnotic Recordings – Tricks and Tips

Learn the nuts and bolts of creating your own library of high quality hypnosis recordings. Victoria Gallagher, who has created over 500 hypnosis recordings will share her secrets, tips, and provide step by step guidance to creating high quality hypnosis recordings. She will teach you the steps from how to write a hypnosis script, how to record by using the free software that’s available, ways to save time and build your hypnotic recording library quickly, and some valuable tips to improve your hypno-voice skills.