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Umesh Tiwari


Umesh Tiwari –  is an Internal medicine specialist who practices clinical hypnotherapy in Phoenix, AZ. Combining his experience in medicine, hypnosis and leadership development, he helps his clients achieve true life transformation by healing from the inside out. A self-studied techie, Mr. Tiwari is also well versed in audio engineering and video recording. He is the current Technical Advisor to the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis.

Audio Engineering for the Hypnosis Professional

Bewildered and intimidated by the plethora of technical gadgets out there? Walk away with a working knowledge of what essential equipment you need to get and how to best use it to give presentations, record client sessions or even create products for sale. Attendees will gain a working knowledge of what essential audio equipment they need to acquire and how to put it to best, most flexible use.

Insights from studying the Placebo Effect

Most people know placebos as the “sugar pill” against which “real” drugs are tested in research studies. If the drug yields the desired outcome more often than the placebo, it is approved by the FDA and, viola, the new drug is brought to market. But what about the people who saw benefit from taking the placebo? Learn the in’s and out’s of modern placebo research and take away a deeper appreciation of those principles can be applied to your hypnosis practice.