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Tracy Barrett Adams


Tracy Barrett Adams –  is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing full-time in Seattle, Washington. Tracy specializes in working with medical issues, with an emphasis on insomnia, migraines, end-of-life pain, as well as healthy weight and body perception. Tracy’s worked with thousands of clients on these and other health-related issues, and works primarily through physician and licensed therapist referral. An IMDHA-certified trainer, Tracy conducts one-on-one and group training for medical hypnosis.

Resolve Insomnia – A Reliable Protocol

Clients want to get to sleep, stay asleep until morning, and feel great all day. In this workshop we’ll look at some of the variables that may be keeping your clients awake, and learn a simple, reliable mix-and-match protocol to help them find better rest. This process inventively combines elements from many approaches, and has been effective with several hundred clients. We’ll thoroughly explore work done during the session as well as clear, easy homework. You’ll leave this workshop equipped with realistic, successful tools to help clients sleep, and drive a steady stream of referrals to your office.