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Timothy Trujillo


Timothy Trujillo – has integrated hypnotherapy, Reiki, acupuncture, and aromatherapy into a powerful healing system. He is an expert in pain relief, trauma recovery, and immune disorder management. He has provided certification programs in this work for multiple hypnosis associations. In his work he emphasizes patient education, conflict resolution, and self-care. Trujillo’s passion for using hypnosis to reduce suffering has carried his campaign from community agencies to medical centers to the United Nations, to disaster zones. Through First Medicines he has helped to deliver this system of care to HIV/AIDS-impacted populations in Los Angeles and led outreach projects in Guatemala, India, New Orleans, and Cairo, reaching beyond HIV care to address traumatic distress in survivors of tsunami, hurricane, and civil war. His delivery strategies have produced an accessible online resource (firstmedicines.org) in multiple languages. He chronicled this work in the book Tsunami Effect.

The Ultimate Clinical Induction

Learn how to instantly determine the ideal client specific method to induce deep hypnosis. Timothy Trujillo teaches his one question assessment technique and multiple testing methods to effectively utilize the ultimate induction for the individual and circumstance. Observe a demonstration and practice a simple induction which is easily adaptable to be internally or externally focused, direct or passive, authoritative or permissive, progressive or rapid. Learn how to engineer the testing, induction, and hypnotic phenomena to directly address the needs of the client. Gain confidence to produce effective sessions and outcomes every time.

Hands on Hypnosis

Hands-on methods have been a part of hypnotic technique throughout its development and application. Today, the widely-practiced combination of hypnosis and Reiki is used to help restore both mind and body. In this program, Timothy Trujillo teaches his tailored combination of both verbal and non-verbal hypnosis, Reiki, qigong, and acu-point treatment. This synthesis provides a comprehensive intervention method.  Learn a simple yet powerful therapy to reduce pain and distress, invoke rest and sleep, and stimulate healing responses.  Explore the adaptation of this method for self care. Each participant will give and receive treatment, making this not just a class, but a healing experience.  Students will also learn how to give The Five Minute Miracle Treatment, a brief intervention that delivers profound relief from pain and distress and is effectively employed at public events or disaster settings.

Timothy is offering a 1 day pre conference workshop: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

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