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Timothy Trujillo bio photo 2015The New Quantum Hypnotherapy

1 DAY PRE CONFERENCE, Thursday, August 25th




The New Quantum Hypnotherapy

For many years, Ormond McGill expanded the dimensions of hypnotherapy with his workshop Quantum Hypnotherapy. In this spirit, Timothy Trujillo conducts this interactive workshop exploring the limitless applications of hypnotherapy. Participants will learn techniques that have been effective in over ten thousand sessions: from intake and assessment instruments; to an array of induction methods; to multi-faceted hypnotherapeutic models, including many from McGill’s original teaching. Trujillo will also review the ways he has integrated hypnotherapy into environments such as medical clinics, hospitals, and disaster zones, as well as varied public presentations. Looking to the expanding horizons of digital and cyber interfaces, this workshop will conclude with a discussion of new frontiers of this “most noble of medicines”, Hypnotherapy.