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Tim Shurr

Tim Shurr


Tim Shurr – has been in private practice for 20 years and has one of the largest hypnosis centers in the country. His practice sees an average of 50 clients per week and he’s won awards including the Ormond McGill, President’s Award, and Hypnotist Of The Year. Tim is a TV personality in Indy, an author, and a highly sought after corporate trainer.

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Making Your Hypnosis Business Fun!

Learn savvy persuasion strategies for making your Hypnosis Business more fun and profitable! We will cover everything from answering the telephone, running ads, networking, doing sessions, and collecting endorsements. Huge opportunities are often missed. Don’t let that happen to you! Attend this fun, profitable program. You’ll be so happy you did!

Doing Corporate Gigs & TV Shows!

Do you have a passion for speaking in front of groups, companies, or associations? Would you like to be a regular guest on TV or radio programs? Certain people have a yearning deep inside that pushes them to do BIGGER things. Not knowing how to do it can stop you in your tracks! This fun, enlightening program will help you put together a roadmap for breaking into the professional speaking and “celebrity” circles. Reach a larger audience, grow your practice, and turn your dreams into a reality!