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Theresa Micheletti

Theresa Micheletti


Theresa Micheletti – is a teacher, speaker, hypnotist, minister, coach, and Director of Premier Hypnosis Training Center, an IHF approved School providing classic, spiritual and NLP hypnosis trainings including Basic, classic Hypnosis for changing habits and dealing with client’s issues, NLP (Power Room, Spinning, Voice of Authority…), Regression, Journey to Heaven (to visit helpful Temples, Spirit Guides, and loved ones)and Past Life Regression as examples. She has been doing hypnosis since the age of 11 and has facilitated hypnosis sessions for clients across North America for over 25 years. She was a finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching. As Sylvia Browne’s protege, Theresa ran Sylvia’s hypnosis school while she was alive. In addition, Theresa is co-founder of Gnostic Light Keepers, a spiritual group, open to all who seek their own truth. www.PremierHypnosisTrainingCenter.com www.GnosticLightKeepers.com

Power Room for ages 5-105

Learn Theresa’s Power Room technique and experience it yourself. Designed for ages 5 to 105, this NLP-type technique uses your favorite Power character– Wonder Woman or Superman or maybe a Mutant Ninja Turtle or Flash, etc. to deal with an issue.