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Theodore Robinson

Theodore Robinson


Theodore Robinson -is both Omni Hypnosis and NGH Trained and is a Board Certified Hypnotist with the NGH and a recipient of the Order of Braid from the NGH. He has been teaching EFT and Hypnosis for the last eighteen years and has successfully consistently presented at the NGH and now at HT for the last two years.

He has authored six books on healing and business success in Hypnosis and marketing which include EFT and Hypnosis. He has also produced 10 DVDs including Hypnosis, EFT and Presence and he has recorded and produced 8 new Hypnosis audio programs. Ted has co-presented the Simpson Protocol internationally and has established a new approach to healing with Hypno-Scan audio programs. He maintains the Center for Inner Healing in Hempstead, N.Y. and is also an Interfaith Minister. He has produced a weekly cable TV show entitled “Learning to Live in the Present Moment” in which he discusses the role of Hypnosis and EFT in our daily life, leading viewers to Presence. He has also been a successful criminal defense trial attorney for over 42 years.


Through extensive experience I have come to the position that EFT has a solid place within the practice of Hypnosis. In fact, I believe that EFT, when practiced properly, IS Hypnosis. EFT is very effective at eliminating Resistance to Change as well as being used as a Hypnotic induction. It can also be used within the trance state to relieve specific points of pain and to overcome abreactions.



In this workshop you will learn how to go deeply enough in Hypnosis to access the Super-Conscious Mind. We will then demonstrate how to access the Super-Conscious Mind which is then be used to help the client scan their body and heal it as well as heal the emotional underpinnings of physical maladies. This is intended to scan the body for all pre-conditions to illness or disease and eliminate them before they can advance beyond the abilities of the immune system to eliminate them. The entire process will be fully explained and then demonstrated on the entire group.

The workshop will also go into the specifics of epigenetics as well as placebo effects within the script used in audio recordings to explain why various wordings are used for them. This portends to be the ‘next step’ in healing serious physical issues as well as the emotional triggers – at the same time.

Then we take students to High, which is where they may ask their Guides, Angels and departed loved ones for advice or insights.

Those who have taken this course say it was a very powerful experience for them.

Ted is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop:

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