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Theodore Robinson

Theodore Robinson


Theodore Robinson -has been teaching EFT for the last eighteen years and successfully presented at the NGH for the last 14 years and at HypnoThoughts for the last three years and at other venues Internationally. He owns the Center for Inner Healing and is an Interfaith Minister and was a criminal defense trial attorney (for 43 years). He is Board Certified at the NGH and is a member of the Order of Braid. He is also double certified Hypnotist with Omni Hypnosis. He has studied and taught Presence for over 20 years and has a weekly television show entitle “Learning to Live in the Present Moment. He has written six books incorporating EFT and Hypnosis and produced 5 DVD sets on EFT and Hypnosis and more than 10 Hypnosis CDs.


Hypno-Scan – Even Better!

This class first teaches all that is done in the later part of it. You will learn how to eliminate Resistance to Change using EFT and then an EFT Induction into Hypnosis. Then you will learn how to go to the Esdaile level for deep body healing and emotional resolution. Then the entire class will be taken en masse through the entire process down to Esdaile to access the Super-Conscious Mind to do the healing for each student.

We then take you up to Super-Height to meet your Spirit Guides, Masters and all those departed to ask your burning questions and get resolution to all issues in your life. You will have enough time to communicate with all who you honor or worship.
This is an amazingly opportunity for everyone and all those who have taken it before report that it was better for them than they expected.

Make sure to attend this amazingly effective class. It is different each time for everyone who attends because you can call upon whoever you wish to ask your questions of and get an answer or complete the healing you started in the Esdaile.

Ted is also offering a 2 day pre conference workshop: The Most Important Hypnosis Course You Can Attend

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