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Tess Meissner

Tess Meissner


Tess Meissner – is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner trained in Peruvian energy medicine practices, core shamanism and drum washing through the Navajo lineage. With over 15 years of both formal and informal experience accessing states of non-ordinary reality, one of Tess’s greatest passions is supporting seekers in connecting with their internal and transpersonal resources. She provides hypnotherapy, shamanic healing and Emotional Freedom Technique services with a focus on Inner Child, Shadow Work, trauma healing, life purpose, stress management and more in the San Diego, CA area. Additionally she is a counselor and facilitator at Shakti Rising, a women’s social change and feminine based leadership organization with a holistic transformational recovery program.

Giving up the Ghost: Compassionate Spirit Releasement

Throughout a great number of cultures and across many spiritual and religious paths there have long been methods for the removal of spirits or other energies that are attached to people or places. While the phrase “de-possession” can conjure dramatic pop culture images of demons spewing pea soup out of the poor victims they’re inhabiting, the reality of spirit attachment is thankfully much more simple to address in a compassionate way that supports both the paying client, and the spirit that has not been able to move on and find closure.  Whether you chose to use this methodology literally or as metaphor, a spirit releasement protocol can support clients in letting go of energies that have been weighing them down for years or even decades. If past life regression is in your practice, this is an invaluable addition to your tool box. In this introductory workshop you will learn how to assess for spirit attachment; receive an overview of the variety of possible scenarios that arise in spirit releasement; witness a demonstration of the process; and, receive resources on further training and education on this or similar techniques.