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Tess Meissner


Tess Meissner – is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner who dynamically combines hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, shamanic energy medicine and expressive arts to support individuals and groups with integrative stress management and addiction solutions, ​trauma resolution, inner child healing, shadow work, life purpose, intuitive development and more. Tess’s passion for the intersection of science and Spirit inspires her to bring a balanced interweaving of the practical and the magical into her facilitation. She is committed to empowering clients and students to be their own Magician, healer, shaman or intuitive medium.

Befriending Your Shadow

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious ~ Carl Jung.

It’s exhausting to battle demons and try to keep our skeletons tightly locked up in closets! Our Shadow – the keeper of those demons and skeletons – is all that we run from, reject, repress and disown within ourselves, whether positive or negative. It’s what we often refuse to see in ourselves, but have no problem projecting onto others! Image facing that which you fear inside yourself, learning to appreciate it as an aspect of your Wholeness, and ultimately unlocking new power, potential and goodness!

In this 2 hour experiential presentation you will:
* Explore one aspect of your Shadow through an ancient and compassionate Buddhist practice
* Transform the way you experience your demon, to find the ally it holds inside
* Develop a deeper understanding of the needs that underlie that aspect of yourself
* Learn a step by step process to lead individuals and groups in befriending their shadow

The Shamanic Journey: More Than Metaphor

Long before Franz Mesmer or Milton Erickson, indigenous shamans and healers have been using trance and altered states of consciousness in service of healing and guiding their villages. While some cultures have used psychoactive drugs to reach trance states, many more have used the rhythmic sound of rattles, drums, didgeridoos or other instruments, as well as dancing, whirling or shaking the body to reach altered states. This intro to hypno-shamanism will explore the similarities and differences between the modern hypnotic perspective and the indigenous shamanic perspective; and provide an experience of the shamanic drum journey to meet a spirit guide- a core shamanic practice to support you and your clients.