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Teresa Perciful

Teresa Perciful


Teresa Perciful -with Today’s Hypnosis. Little Rock, AR I have been a hypnotist 13 years with a fulltime Nursing Position with Federal Occupational Health. Working with my clients evenings & weekends. I have been training in IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Technique, after learning a simple version from a NLP/Hypnotist 10 years ago.
I have attended trainings in all areas from NLP, Medical Hypnosis, Anger Mgmt, Pain Management, and Habit Resolution. Hypnosis is the most effective avenue to change. Never stop learning!

“Quick Change before Trance”

A fun & interactive class, where I will demonstrate and teach 2 techniques to use with your clients, before the hypnosis. Not only are these fast techniques, they work, and act as convincers. You will learn a simple EYE MOVEMENT TECHNIQUE, which will collapse negative emotions, perceptions, or cravings. You will learn a simple NLP technique, which does the same and easily taught to your clients.
You will be amazed at how fast and fun these are to learn & use with your clients.
When you use these before the hypnosis, you will have the problem resolved or dissolved and I like to say, “The Hypnosis is gravy.”