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Suzie Bowers

Suzie Bowers


Suzie Bowers has been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach since 1995. She is the current owner of California Hypnosis Center and HypnoProfessional Publishing, located in Stockton, California. Suzie still sees clients and you can easily find her on the web, because she also practices what she teaches. Suzie has a passion for helping other Hypnotherapists and Coaches create successful Six-Figure or more businesses by utilizing technology, the power of delegation and teaching basic best business practices and simple “heart style” sales techniques.
Suzie has been an entrepreneur since she was 11 years old and now loves sharing her experience in sales and marketing and as a hypnosis specialist with others. She believes that what we do is so important, we help people change their lives for the better and we deserve to be paid well so we can do more of it and live a life full of passion and prosperity!

Your Six-Figure Hypnosis Business – How to Brand Yourself as the Expert

Your Six-Figure Hypnosis Business describes in detail how to brand yourself as an expert in your niche market, how to use an online newsletter to build relationships, combined with an effective website/blog to drive traffic to your business, position yourself for future book, product and seminar sales. We’ll go over step by step processes for growing your email list and how to use that to promote classes and seminars and create lucrative JV (joint venture) Partnerships. Part II of this program will be all about client attraction, how to convert conversations and FREE consultations into client packages, how to charge and get referrals. We’ll also discuss the power of niche marketing, networking, speaking and publishing and how to do it to be most effective.