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Steven Roth


Steven Roth –  is an award winning Dentist,  clinical Hypnotherapist , and Transformational and keynote Speaker.  Dr. Roth has received over 30 certifications in the field of Hypnotherapy and NLP in the past 11 years and is a 2x recipient of the International Hypnosis Federation  award of Excellence in the field of Healthcare hypnosis. He is now semi-retired from 28 years of his Dental practice to be a public speaker and trainer to educate and teach people about the G.I.F.T. Process.

G.I.F.T. – Guided Imagery For Transformation- The Process for waking up your clients and the public to the power of their minds.

The G.I.F.T. ( Guided Imagery For Transformation ) is a revolutionary process invented by Dr. Steven E. Roth which help people to understand, unblock and unleash the power of their minds. It  combines the most effective and powerful components of Neuroscience, quantum physics, positive Psychology, neuro-linguistic programming,  Guided Imagery, gratitude and forgiveness therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

  The general public needs our service more than ever before. “The Secret” in 2006 had a lot of people excited and interested in the law of attraction and G.I.F.T. Is like.     “ The Secret “ on steroids.
This process helps clients to tap into their highest states where their brains release their feel good neurotransmitters and bring those states of feeling to the positive future they’ve imagined. The process will involve workshops guiding clients to their Gifts and talents to help them find purpose in life. They will also be educated on and guided to let go of negative emotions, worrying, shame and guilt in order to fully unleash the power of their minds. Join Dr. Roth to be part of this world changing Process!