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Steve Roehm

stev roehm


Steve Roehm -For over a decade, Steve Roehm has been changing the lives of hypnosis practitioners and others around the world. Steve wears many hats, but all of his services are aimed at improving people’s lives. He does this through direct connections with clients and by helping other practitioners improve their techniques and abilities, increasing the reach of his work into communities he might never be able to serve directly.

Through teaching and sharing from his extensive toolbox of life coaching, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, specialized rapid-change techniques and other modalities, Steve teaches you how to empower yourself and your clients to become forces for positive changes at an individual and global level. As part of his goal of guiding people to achieve the positive changes they want, Steve works to grow an international network of Certified Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists.

Foundations of Conversational Changework

Join Steve Roehm in this four-hour tour of Conversational Hypnotherapy skills. Hypnosis happens all the time and this intensive workshop, you will learn how to recognize it and utilize it to create profound change in “normal” conversation. Expect to walk away with new skills that will change lives.

Steve is offering a 3 day post conference workshop: Mind Bending Language

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