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Stephanie Ducheteau


Stephanie Ducheteau – I live in Milford, Indiana with my 14 year old daughter and four furry four-footers. I have been studying hypnosis for the past three years, and I work a full time job in IT so building my hypnotherapy practice is what I do for fun. When I get tired of the corporate world, I look forward to retiring full time into the hypnosis world. I have a Associate’s degree in IT and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership so my goal is to incorporate both of those areas into my hypnosis practice.

Baby Boomers and Social Media

I’ve worked in IT Technology in a support role for the past five years. So I have worked with many people of the BB generation who feel quite a bit of stress working with computers. I developed this protocol to help them relax in front of the screen which helps them learn better which helps them feel more confident using technology.

In particular, I have narrowed the focus to a discussion specifically about how to use Facebook because so many people want to use that to keep up with the family but it can be baffling to someone who rarely uses it (especially if they already suffer from technophobia).