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Stephanie Conkle

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Stephanie Conkle – is a Master Hypnotist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and published author on hypnotism. She holds a BA from Georgia State University. She earned her hypnosis certifications through the School of Hypnosis, the ICBCH, and numerous other training courses and clinics. She is a member in good standing of the NGH. Stephanie also belongs to the IMDHA. She practices clinical hypnotherapy full time in the Greater Atlanta area and enjoys performing stage hypnosis. Stephanie has been picked up by the Bravo television network as their “go to” television hypnotist for their Atlanta network shows. Her life’s mission is to bring positive awareness to hypnotism and the hypnosis industry.

PowerPoint your Pre-talk

In this fun class, you will learn how to:

Turn your pre-talk into a concise PowerPoint Presentation.

Never forget or leave an important topic out of your pre-talk again.

Add subliminals, covert speech, compounding, rapport, expectation, and fractionations to your pre-talk.

Customize your pre-talk to your client without losing the integrity and purpose of the talk.

Pick out key phrases in the assessment interview before your pre-talk.

Double the Fun with Dual Inductions w/ Kaz Riley

Are two voices better than one? Taught by Stephanie Conkle and Kaz Riley, this fun and INTERACTIVE class is all about the mix. Dubbed as “The Cocktail Party” effect, two simultaneous hypnosis inductions may prove to be quicker and more effective than one voice. In this class you will:

1. Experience what it’s like to be hypnotized by two voices simultaneously,
2. learn how to do it with a partner,
3. learn how write dual voice scripts to make your own recordings, and
4. experiment with it on others in class.

Dual inductions are great for creating deep trance through confusion, compounding, and mind-body dissociation; and they are perfect to use in hypnosis demonstrations. Come have fun with us!