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Sondra Lambert


Sondra Lambert –owns and operated Galaxy Hypnosis with her husband Larry in Crofton MD. Sondra has a deep passion for hypnosis. This relationship has been created within her thru years experiencing personal transformation with hypnosis at its’ core.

Sondra is the published author of “In Trance; Hypnosis from the Subject’s point of view”. Within its pages she shares what it is “like” to be the life transformed thru the phenomenal possibilities of safe and effective hypnosis.

Sondra loves sharing from the heart of her perspective, life is awesome, and each day has the opportunity to become The Best Day Ever. Her enthusiasm tend to be infectious.

Hello Subconscious

Hypnosis at it’s core is a trusted connection between the Hypnosis Subject, the Hypnotist and the Subconscious. Let’s make that connection as power filled as possible. The most effective way to accomplish this task is simply say ” Hello Subconscious”. At this point a partnership of magnitude is created.
This will be a discussion of how Hello Subconscious is the most powerful tool in my tool box as a professional hypnotist. Everything else fits together perfectly, once that connection in firmly in place.
A profound rapport is created when your subject is looking into a mirror for that initial moment of meeting their Subconscious face to face eye to eye for the first time. A moment of reflected recognition will change their world.