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Shoshanah Thielle

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Shoshanah Thielle


Shoshanah Thielle,  and Nancy Mac, have individual hypnosis practices in Eugene, Oregon.   They also present many hypnosis groups together and separately.  They have extensive experience with hypnosis groups, weight loss groups, women’s healing groups, weekend workshops, etc.  They have built their clientele using many innovative ideas, including GroupOn, Living Social, etc.  Shoshanah Thielle has 30 years experience with groups and individuals. She specializes in health related issues.  Nancy Mac has 27 years experience in counseling and hypnosis – working with individuals, couples and groups.

Use GroupOn Vouchers to Improve Your Income – 9 things you will learn to use GroupOn, Living Social and other vouchers effectively

GroupOn vouchers (and others) are an easy, powerful and profitable way to build your practice. Offering these vouchers reaches a different segment of the population than would normally seek out hypnosis – significantly expanding your clientele base.
These GroupOn ideas apply to all voucher systems that might be available to you. We have sold more than 2000 vouchers using these ideas.
Learn from our mistakes and from our successes.

You will learn:
1. How GroupOn, Living Social, etc. work as an advertising and voucher system
2. Find your voucher possibilities: GroupOn, Living Social, Yelp, Amazon, local systems, etc.
3. Create an effective ad
4. Price your vouchers to sell the most.
5. Negotiate with GroupOn for the best percentage income
6. Use GroupOn for individual sessions and/or for group classes or seminars
7. 4 ways to Get your GroupOn client to schedule further sessions (pre-talk, handout, intake sheet, “Yes” questions after hypnosis)
8. Generate positive Testimonials on the GroupOn site and other web search sites.
9. Expand your business email list

How to Run On-Going Hypnosis Groups –  10 Things to Effectively Run On-Going Groups & Increase Your Income

Build a solid clientele and make hypnosis affordable to a wide range of people while increasing your income. Learn to conduct your own on-going 4 to 10 week hypnosis groups.
During this two hour presentation, we will lead you step by step through a sample group. You will leave confident that you are capable of running groups that are fun, empowering and profitable.
You will learn: advertising, optimal group size, group guidelines, sample scripts, music, building trust and connection within the group, class handouts, pricing, dealing with difficult members, and boundary setting.

Nancy Mac and Shoshanah Thielle have extensive experience with hypnosis groups, weight loss groups, women’s healing groups, weekend workshops and others. They work with a diverse range of people and issues and have found that weekly on-going hypnosis groups are a wonderful way to help build a successful practice. Packet available of all class info, including handouts, scripts, guidelines, etc.
Learn from our mistakes and from our successes.