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Sheryl Hill


Sheryl Hill – 

After 22 years in entertainment and brand marketing, Sheryl departed her last post as VP of West Coast Sales and Marketing for Grand Play Media (Ultimate-Guitar.com), in pursuit of a career in “wellness.”

She is the staff hypnotherapist for Centered Health in Malibu California, and has a robust private practice specializing in medical hypnosis and GROUP SUGGESTION THERAPIES for corporate wellness programs.

At UCLA Dental School, Sheryl assists in teaching dentists how to use hypnosis for continuing education credits and teaches UCLA Integrative Medical Students hypnotic theory for medical practices. She developed and instructs a marketing series for new hypnotherapy practitioners and is a hypnotherapy volunteer with Roze Room Hospice and Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

Sheryl is certified through the International Association of Medical Dental Hypnotherapists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She has more than 30 advanced continuing education credits in neurobiology and psychopharmacology, hypnosis for cancer and pain reduction. She holds a Master’s level certification in Therapeutic Imagery and Handwriting Analysis.

Sheryl is a nationally known speaker on the subject of Environmental Hypnosis and Natural Somnambulism.  She blogs under the name, The Natural Somnambulist for Hypnozine.com.

Sheryl Hill’s private practice is located in West Los Angeles and Encino, California and offers services via Skype or WhatsApp. For more information visit www.venthypnosis.com.


Learn what Natural Somnambulism is and how to recognize it as a condition.

When the critical filter between the conscious and unconscious mind is perforated due to an overabundant amount of data incoming from the environment, an individual will engage the primordial fight/flight mechanism to escape into a more comfortable daydream like state of hypnosis. This is a subconscious reflex, which while in this state, renders the individual as hypersuggestible and sensitive to external suggestions from the environment as they would be as in an induced trance state. If this happens often enough, escape begins to come quickly and easily. Individuals most prone to environmental hypnosis are called Natural Somnambulists. They are uniquely gifted at drifting down into environmental hypnosis.

Do you fall asleep in the movies?

Have you ever walked or talked in your sleep?

Are you easily shocked into an unconscious state?

Have you noticed periods of time distortion?

Are you prone to wandering?

Do you have multiple fears and phobias?

These are just some of the signs of Natural Somnambulism.