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Sheila Granger


Sheila Granger – is an international hypnotherapist

Based in a doctors surgery in Hull, UK

International trainer and keynote speaker

Clinically trialed her VGB programme

Built a practice seeing 35-50 clients per week in just three years

Regularly features in Local and National Press
Helps other therapists build their practice and experience the same results too!

Runs an on line international Mastermind class to help others achieve the same

Pioneered an Educational performance Programme in Schools and Colleges

Taking Your Hypnosis Into Schools:

Growing up is meant to be one of the very best times in anyone’s life but it can also be tough. There are so many pressures on the young people of today.
Children’s mental health not only matters for the child and their family but for society as a whole.
Right now there is a  BIG opportunity to make a BIG DIFFERENCE to young people and your local community!

 In the USA alone there are 50.7 million pupils attending 36,400 schools 


 Over the last 6 years, Sheila has developed, tested and achieved great results with an  ‘Educational Performance’ programme which specifically dealt with exam stress.This special programme gained community recognition. This developed further into one to one and group sessions for children dealing with all manner of issues from the lower level anxieties through to bullying and panic disorders.

Do you want to be able to help our youngsters too?

The main goals of taking hypnosis into schools and colleges is to:

Promote resilience, prevention and early intervention

In this fast paced presentation you will learn how to help young people in your area too from:

•  Exactly how to approach your local schools and market to them effectively.
  • Delivering school assemblies that promote a positive mindset 
• The latest children’s mental health research 
  • Creating a simple programme for change with young people
  • Techniques that you can take into any mental health field, from schools to corporates
  • Plus, just by attending the presentation you will receive a complimentary press release that you can send out to your local media!

Modern Day Marketing for the Modern Day Hypnotist

Sheila Granger built a private practice of 35+ clients per week from a standing start in just under two years, and in this whirlwind two hour presentation she will share all the easy and do-able marketing techniques that really can accelerate your practice. Come along, learn, take action and ensure that you become the ‘go to’ hypnotist in your community.
Sheila will be sharing:
How to build an all referral practice
How to network like a pro!
How to get the press and media interested in you, and watch your business explode
Giving talks and presentations that do generate clients
How to truly ‘engage’ with your local community
How to create your own ‘niche’ market
Just by attending Sheila will be sharing with you ten professionally written press releases, covering all areas of hypnosis that you can use straight away!

Sheila is also offering a 2 day pre conference workshop w/ Jo-Anne Eadie: You Can Be The Weight-Loss Expert in Your Area

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