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Shawn Carson

Shawn Carson


Shawn Carson – is an (H)NLP trainer, hypnosis trainer, and consulting hypnotist.  He is the co-founder of The Intelligent Hypnotist and has a busy practice in Manhattan where he sees clients both for personal and business coaching.  Shawn is also a published author with numerous titles to his name.  In addition to his hypnosis background Shawn has over 25 years of experience as an international consultant.

Beyond Hebb’s Law: 5 Neuroscience Principles to Super-Charge Your Sessions

Step beyond neuroplasticity and discover 5 easy to remember principles that will help your clients use their neurology to support the change. These principles will allow you to shape new techniques for your clients which have at their heart how the brain works.  You will also gain a new set of powerful metaphors to share with clients, which will build their confidence in you as an expert in change; in the techniques you will use with them; and in their own ability to change.  This fun and interactive workshop will deepen your insights in to your own brain, your change work, and open the doors to greater creativity.

HypnoGames for HypnoJunkies with Sharah Carson and Jess Marion

Build your hypnotic skills in this fast paced, hands on, workshop. This class will be chock full of opportunities to learn and practice new skills by having fun with our HypnoGames. These games include convincers, partner and movement games, and conversational hypnosis.

In this workshop you will learn more ways to build hypnotic response in your clients, hone your skills as a practitioner and experience fun games for the training classroom, meet-ups or other practice groups.

Expect many different types of trance, and don’t be surprised if fractionation means that each trance will be a little deeper and more enjoyable than the one before!

Who knows how deep you will be by the end of the class and how much of a hypno-junkie you will have become!

Shawn is also offering a 2 day post conference workshop:

Avatars, Memories, and Your Amazing Brain: The Art of Hypnotically Applied Neuroscience w/ Sarah and Jess
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