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Shawn Carson


Shawn Carson – is a co-founder of the Intelligent Hypnotist. He is a certified (H)NLP trainer, hypnosis trainer, and Brain Based Leadership trainer. He has co- authored over 16 books and is the recipient of the prestigious IACT/IMDHA Pen and Quill Award. When Shawn isn’t training or writing he is busy working with clients from around the world.

Shawn is passionate about hypnosis and training. His classes are fun, highly interactive with lots of exercises, and transformational.

Overdurf in a Nutshell

Who teaches the teachers? Melissa Tiers, Martin Petersen, Ken Guzzo, Igor Ledochowski are all masterful hypnotists, change workers and teachers in their own right. But they have another thing in common – they are all students of John Overdurf.

In this workshop I will share key aspects of Overdurf’s hypnosis style and methodology. These will include:

1. The four pieces of information you absolutely must get from the client before any change can happen
2. Understanding how to use the infamous meta pattern (or coaching pattern) to change the unconscious mind
3. How to spice things up using End State Energy and Linguistic Alchemy
4. Dealing with conscious and unconscious resistance using submodalities, reframing and reimprinting

Shawn Carson and his Intelligent Hypnotist colleagues have studied, and continue to study John Overdurf’s work extensively – as students, assistants, co-authors and friends.

Shawn is also offering a 3 day pre conference workshop: Conversational Hypnotic Coaching: An Introduction to Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching

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