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Sara Pugh

Sara Pugh


Sara Pugh – I completed my BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics in 2000, from there I did a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biophysics, where I studied protein folding, which plays a role in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. I published my work in a peer reviewed journal. During that time I studied anti oxidants and nootropics (smart drugs), I then worked as post doctoral researcher on heart cells, cholesterol and statins, where I published two more journals. I left science to work as movement and neurological therapist, working with a wide range of people including those in pain, stroke victims, athletes and mums to be. A lot of my work is brain based, with particular focus on the visual and vestibular system (inner ear) and I regularly run 3 hour workshops for other therapists, doctors and the general public on this topic. I trained as a performance hypnotist before branching off into hypnotherapy, and I see clients regularly.

Group Trance  for Hypno-Junkies

This 1 hr group hypnosis session is an opportunity to re-charge, revitalize and remember.
Following on from group and individual inductions

The themes of the suggestions, imagery and ideas in the session are as follows
Recalling, remembering and rapid processing of new information.
Restoring sleep patterns, eating patterns and dealing with jet lag
Being the best possible version of you
Confidence to network with peers, making new friends or whatever else you might want to try in Vegas

Neurology 101 – Left and Right Brain

What do the right and left sides of the brain do ?
What do the different lobes of the brain do and how can I improve mine?
What happens when lett and right aren’t in sync ?
How do I balance the brain ?
Does it matter if I favor the left side over the right ?
Are there hypnotic inductions and suggestions that stimulate the left more than the right ?
How can I tell by just talking to someone which brain lobes are functioning well?
Why is smell so powerful ?
Why am do I get pain?
Why do some people believe in UFOs?
Where in the brain does willpower and impulse live ?