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Sandi Graves


Sandi Graves – BCH; Owner/Director of Arizona Family Hypnosis, Phoenix, AZ is a busy NGH Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist, entrepreneur, past Vice President of the Arizona Society of Professional Hypnotists, trainer, stage hypnotist and grateful recipient of the 2011 NGH Hypnotism Achievement Award.

Transitioning Another To The Next Life РUsing K.I.S.S. Hypnosis©

We lost a powerful and influential hypnotist, Don Rice to cancer and we went from Pre Surgical, Post Surgical and Recovery hypnosis to facilitating his transition to his next life.  I have valuable information and techniques that may help you, your loved ones or clients transition lovingly and peacefully to their next life. Don and I were, and I still am, all about sharing and this is one way to share his life, techniques, and experiences with you, and for you.