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Sam Sterk


Sam Sterk –  is a trained Psychoanalyst, a certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and a registered in Sport Psychologist through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP.) Mr. Sterk completed post graduate training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in 1984. One of Mr. Sterk’s certification is on Pain reduction with the uses of Hypnosis. He is the Co-Director of Peak Performance Plus LLC, a Counseling, Hypnosis and Sports Psychology practice located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Sterk has been a presenter at national conferences in Hypnosis and Sports Psychology. Mr. Sterk’s private practice is named Peak Performance Plus LLC where Counseling, Hypnosis and Sport Psychology are practiced. Mr. Sterk developed the Comprehensive Athletic Profile (CAP), used to help track improvements in Sports and the Sport Psych Wheel, used to demonstrate progress for athletes who utilize Sport psychology Services. Mr. Sterk has published 3 books, namely:


WIN! Get the Mental Edge Skills in Martial Arts

Win 2! Train and Master Sport Hypnosis


A Nuts and Bolts Overview of Sport Hypnosis

Hypnotists will learn about what needs to be addressed when working with athletes. Specific concepts and assessment tools will be explained that encompass dynamics with athletes. Specific assessment tools and techniques will be explored with demonstrations and classroom practice skill drills. These will also be reinforced by a power point.
Attendees will learn the following:
Assessments with athletes
Explanation of various concepts in sports like concentration, how to help athletes refocus when they’ve lost their focus, how to incorporate Visual Imagery, Positive Self-Talk, Confidence Building, how and when to use Stop Thought techniques, how to use Cues, a Self-Contract and develop a competition plan that includes all of the above.
When athletes are injured this can be devastating. What can hypnotist do to reduce physical pain while helping to increase the athlete’s self-confidence? Attendees will experience this as another benefit of this presentation on sport hypnosis.