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Ruth SchneiderFrom Stressed To Best Certification Training w/ David Prudhomme

David Prudhomme
Monday & Tuesday, August 29th & 30th




From Stressed To Best Certification Training

Use Personality Type to Increase Your
Success with Each Client

When clients are more successful they refer more people. Personality Type is the key to getting that success.

Teach clients to understand their subconscious reactions – lowering their stress, improving their relationships and increasing the likelihood of their success in reaching their goals.

You already know that the subconscious has powerful influence over the way people behave. Now you can learn the patterns of subconscious wiring that predict and control each client’s behavior.

There are 16 distinct wiring patterns called Personality Types. Each Personality Type has its own strengths and stressors. More importantly, each one responds to different types of suggestions. When you use suggestions that are aligned with the client’s Personality Type, it’s as if you by-pass the critical factor and suggestions are quickly and easily accepted by the client. This is the key to success.

You Will Learn:

  • The four main preferences that form Personality Type and how those combinations of preferences translate into the 16 Personality Types.
  • How to use Type to improve your effectiveness as a hypnotist.
  • How to quickly and easily assess the Personality Type of your clients, friends and family members.
  • What motivates each of the 16 Personality Types, their Driving Force in Life and how you can help them tap into their inner strengths.
  • Expanded and in-depth understanding of hard-wired strengths for each Type and why people often do not recognize their own strengths.
  • How Type predicts what stresses people, how they react to problems and what they need to do to return to balance.
  • Practical applications of Personality Type to helping clients deal with the stresses of everyday life and stay on track with reaching their goals.

Who Should Attend?

Every hypnotist should understand the 16 Personality Types. You will use this knowledge to understand how each client’s subconscious mind is wired. This allows you to easily create suggestions that work with the client’s natural abilities.

Beginning and experienced hypnotists alike love being able to understand who is walking in the door and what suggestions will work for them.

Everyone who is interested in expanding their business to include work with couples, parents, teachers or corporations.

Our experience demonstrates that you can use Type to expand your business. Type is a marketing tool to draw in individuals and couples who are not naturally drawn to hypnosis. Type is also an effective gateway to corporate opportunities.

Take-home materials

BONUS – FREE: Each participant will receive a copy of the authors’ book: From Stressed to Best: A Proven Program for Reducing Everyday Stress and a copy of a Stress Reduction Guide for their personality type.

In addition, Training Manuals, complete with PowerPoint Presentations and Notes will be available for purchase at a special discounted rate at the Seminar.

Two days that will forever change the way you see yourself and others. You will benefit personally and your practice will benefit! A “must do” workshop for anyone who is serious about helping people.

You will earn the nationally recognized, From Stressed to Best Certified Stress Reduction Specialist credential and can become an Affiliate of From Stressed to Best™.


Day One:

  • Introduction and Objectives.
  • Introduction to Personality Type – what is it and why do you need to understand it to be more effective as a hypnotist.
  • How to determine a person’s Type.
  • Determine your own Type.
  • Subconscious, automatic reactions – where they come from and why they control us.
  • The 8 Stress Modes – what they are and how to spot them.
  • How to recognize when a client is operating from their Stress Mode and how to shift them to their Best Mode where your suggestions will be more effective.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Deeper dive into the 16 Personality Types:

Day Two:

  • Famous People of each Type
  • Strengths and Driving Force
  • The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and least effective 4th modes of operating.
  • What motivates each Type.
  • What a hypnotist must know to be most effective with each Type.
  • Strategies for helping clients understand their Type
  • Strategies for marketing using Type
  • Personal Action Plan for using Type in your life and business
  • Questions and Answers


This program has given me the ability to understand my clients long before they come into the office and allows me to design and structure the most ideal session for their personality type. I know exactly

what type of suggestions will work and what wont. The greatest thing I discovered using this program is when you use suggestions that are in alignment with the clients natural preferences and personality type it eliminates the critical factor since it is so congruent with the way they are wired. The clients just get it and they immediately act upon the suggestions without resistance because they make perfect sense to them. I strongly encourage everyone to take action on the From Stressed to Best program. It was the best decision I made since getting involved in hypnosis and I know it will be for you too.

John Weir

This program takes Type from theory to practice, and is a great tool for building effectiveness in individuals and teams, at work and at home. Seems everywhere I turn people are singing the praises of how From Stressed to Best is helping them, how much they got from both of you and how excited they are to learn more/do more Im excited and honored that I have had the opportunity to meet with you, learn your program, and bring it to my clients and company.” 

— Barb Miller, HR Manager/MBTI Network Leader at P&G


Your Instructors

David S. Prudhomme is an inspirational speaker, teacher, presenter, and mind coach. David is a certified MBTI© Practitioner, Stress Reduction Specialist, and Consulting Hypnotist. He is also a Master Practitioner of NLP. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, BS in Engineering, and has an MA in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University. David’s corporate experience includes high end medical sales and sales team management. David is the Founder of Mederi Wellness where every day he helps clients “Shift From Where They Are to Where They Want to Be™” using the power of their mind.

Ruth E. Schneider has over 25 years of experience with Personality Type and other personal and organizational tools. Ruth has a BA in Psychology, Eastern Illinois University, an MS in Logistics and Organizational Science, Air Force Institute of Technology, and post-graduate work in Executive Coaching from the College of Executive Coaching. She is a certified MBTI© Master Practitioner, Stress Reduction Specialist, Consulting Hypnotist, and Master Innovator. She has experience in the public and private sectors and in small and family-run businesses. She is a successful trainer, speaker, supervisor, manager and consultant.


Participants receive a certificate as a Certified Stress Reduction Specialist.