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roryRapid Induction & Instant Hypnosis Training

Thursday, August 25th




Rapid Induction & Instant Hypnosis Training

Whether you are looking to use rapid-hypnosis for hypnotherapy or for entertainment, this is the ideal course for you to gain experience with instant hypnosis and rapid induction hypnosis techniques and a whole day of hands-on practice. YOU will be hypnotising people!

Rory Z is one of the very best rapid induction trainers in the world, and through his years of experience performing and teaching hypnosis, Rory’s rapid induction course has been developed (and is constantly improved) so that it is now second to none. The rapid methods taught are refined, simple and above all; they work, and they are taught in a way that is easy to understand and easy to practice, whether you’re intellectual or not, whether you’re critical, hands-on, analytical, practical, a total layman or a seasoned therapist, the way that Rory Z teaches is designed specifically so that everyone attending the course will learn these skills, and you will learn them as easily and effortlessly as possible!

People from all over the world have attended Rory Z’s rapid induction hypnosis training courses, often flying from Europe, Asia, America and even as far as Australia to train with Rory in the UK. As such, you can rest assured that you are getting some of the very best rapid induction training available today, and anyone is welcome to sign up. We welcome students from all cultures, careers and lifestyles.

This course follows a practical format, so NO, it’s not a boring “lecture” course – you will be getting involved, and you will be hypnotising people using rapid inductions! So if you don’t want to actually Hypnotise real people, DON’T BOOK A PLACE ON THIS COURSE!!!