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Robert Riddlemoser



Robert Riddlemoser – is a consulting hypnotist entering his fifth year of private part time practice in Denver.  He has taught previously at the Hypnothoughts Live Convention. Hypnotism is one of Robert’s many occupations following decades in Architecture as he transitioned from designing the exterior environment to the interior environment.  Therapeutic Hypnosis for relief of pain, improved performance and habit management are Robert’s professional areas of focus.  Increasing portions of his time are spend in stage, street and hobby hypnosis.

Hypnosis as the Most Fun Hobby Ever

Hypnosis can be a hobby on stage, street and living rooms.  Not every Hypnotist needs to be a therapist or an expert persuader or a corporate trainer.  Some Hypnotists just want to have fun.  Fun doing street hypnosis. Fun on small stages.  Fun practicing hypnosis techniques with and upon each other.  Fun researching and developing new techniques and knowledge.  This class explores methods to use internet means like Facebook and Meetup as well as other resources to find hypnosis practice partners, places to meet, stages to perform and generate a healthy community in your own area.