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Rob Schlesinger


Rob Schlesinger –  is disabled since birth with Cerebral Palsy and began his hypnosis practice in 2014, centering on people who have disabilities. Mr. Schlesinger was taught by Dr. Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD, and completed his instructor training in 2017. During his training he discovered the power of hypnosis, and Mirror Therapy, and as a result of hypnosis is now able to relax his right arm into his lap and he Mirror Therapy helped him to move his right arm freely. His educational background includes a Master of Science Degree in Counseling with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently a registered intern in California, he also uses hypnosis as adjunctive treatment in his therapy work with clients. He is the author of a new book on this topic: Hypnosis and Disability: a Guide for Hypnotists, 2018.

Hypnosis and Disability: An Untapped Market

This hour-long seminar will focus on the following topics: Working with this unique population; Making appropriate accommodations for the client; Determining if your client is appropriate for hypnosis; The benefits of using hypnosis with this population, and; How to attract this population to your practice. It will contain recommendations on marketing strategies to reach this under-served target market; Properly assessing your client,don’t judge a book by its cover, Using hypnosis to break-through certain disabilities such as stuttering, anxiety, and communication block, and ensuring that your client is in a deep, hypnotic trance.