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Rick Green


Rick Green – is a law officer with over 37 years’ experience in high risk duties. His assignments have varied from Jail to patrol, to undercover, to a High Risk Action Team to major Crime Unit Detective – promoting up to Captain. As such he has directly encountered all aspects of traumatic events, including officer involved shootings, homicides, police suicides, and suicide by police. He has taught stress management and resiliency in Police Academies, Police Departments, martial artists, and to the general public for over thirty years. He was on the Olympic Judo training team, coached Olympic athletes, jumped from airplanes, and wrestled a bear. He has utilized hypnotic skills early on and has since been trained by Mike Mandel, Melissa Tiers, Steve Roehm, David Snyder, Randi Light – and many others brilliant mentors. He is trained and certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and is a leader in the Kalamazoo Sheriff Critical Incident Stress Team, the Volunteer Services, the Reserve Division, and is the founder of Hypnosis for Heroes.

Build your Business with Stress Resiliency

Open up your business with a trending niche market — stress resiliency. Learn how to develop the skills and resources to come through severe traumatic events and become stronger for it. When you can sell your skills to both the public and private sectors about inoculation against stress, you can find both individual clients and group coaching sessions to increase your business and help a large population of people who vitally need this resource. Stress Resiliency training is rapidly growing. Ride the wave and become the expert in your area. Hypnosis and NLP are perfect vehicles for developing this. Come and learn how – and where to market your skills. Class will be informational and experiential.

Rick is offering a 1 day pre conference workshop: UnStoppable Confidence! Kick-Butt Methods to Make YOU the Winner — Beyond Confident to Certainty!

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