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Richard Barker

Richard Barker


Richard Barker┬áis a World Renowned Professional Hypnotist and is the author of two bestselling books. The second book “Selling Hypnotically” teaches the art of sales in a suggestive manner. Richard has appeared on hundreds of media channels including NBC, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, CBS, ABC, FOX, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Glamour Magazine, Huffington Post and many other major networks.

Discover Powerful Text Message Marketing (SMS)

Imagine a world where you have the opportunity to get 98% of all your marketing messages opened instead of only 22% open rate on email. The fact of the matter is mobile usage has never been higher and it is set to increase further. Soon most of your clients will find your services on their cellphones if they don’t already. In my college market I have already secured contracts for my 2018 tour and it was achieved by text messaging. If used correctly, you will learn how powerful SMS can be for you and your business to

1. Interact with new prospects
2. Interact with clients
3. Remind people of scheduled appointments
4. capture masses of cellphones and email address by simply offering a “Text To Keyword”

Everything explained in this seminar so you avoid the pitfalls, including live demonstrations and experiences in real time

The TRUTH is that everyone has their cell phone at arm’s reach most of the time and SMS as a business owner and hypnotist is extremely powerful.

No text Message Marketing Experience is required to come on this introductory class. I will teach you not only WHY you need to start thinking of text message marketing but how to pick the right platform and start to use it in your business TODAY.

Everyone has a cellphone in their hands. The most effective way to communicate is via SMS to prospects. Never lose a sale or potential client again. SMS has A HIGHER open rate than any other method available.

You cannot afford to miss this one hour business changing workshop

How To Make And Use Video To Attract Attention

If a picture paints a thousand words video paints a million. It has been said that video is the most important secret weapon to anyone’s business. More people watch video on Facebook than reading posts or looking at pictures. YouTube is the number 3 most visited site in the world and the second largest search engine. It makes sense that you must be able to design and create compelling video that your prospects can find and watch. YouTube is the magic platform to tap into a goldmine of traffic needed to get leads and clients. and YouTube Marketing is VITAL for the success of your business and brand. During this class you will be given an introduction

Video must be compelling and engaging and delivered to the right platforms in the right way, but

How do I create video?
What camera should I use ?
What tripod is the best?
What is the best microphone for everyday use?
What is green Screen?
What editing software should I use?
How do i create titles and graphics?
Why should I be on Periscope or Facebook Live?

I will provide you a simple, precise information that will assist you to create video for high social recognition and interaction that enhances your brand. If you have a well designed video campaigns, you will be able to increase the authority of your website and improve sales of products and services. I will walk you through the equipment to use and steps needed to create awesome video content.

MY unique and easy to understand class will supply you the most accurate information needed to harness the power of online video and help you get more leads, prospects, customers, clients and sales.

Richard is also offering a 2 day post conference workshop:

The Ultimate Marketing Workshop
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