HypnoThoughts LIVE 2017

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The Evolution of Hypnosis

Las Vegas, NV, USA – August 25-27, 2017

Early Full Conference -3 DAYS-



Fri/Sat/Sun, August 25-27, 2017

* Full 3 day conference registration;
* ALL Friday, Saturday, Sunday Presentations and Workshops (including 2 & 3 hour);
* ALL Conference Receptions, Lunches, and Meals


Exhibitor’s Booth – $300

Reserve your table in the Exhibitor’s Room for the 3 Days of the conference (Fri, Sat, Sun)
There are a limited number available and they will sellout!
(Subject to organizer’s approval)


Pre & Post Conference Workshops!

Coming SOON!


As successful as this conference was last 4 years, we learned a lot about how to make it even better. I’ll be sharing specifics of the upgrades and changes later, but trust me when I say you guys are going to love them. I think we can double attendance if we make it a goal. Like everything we’ve done with HypnoThoughts, I’m building something that depends on you guys showing up. I believe we can make this event something everyone wants to be part of.

Lots of great hypnosis organizations have put on a conference every year for decades. They’ve been trying to build a tradition for the profession for all of those decades but truth is, as evidenced by dwindling membership and attendance, traditional are looking more like stagnant. Don’t get me wrong, I hope you continue to support any organization that you feel is providing you service and, just like we do, we hope you continue to support their conferences.

But HypnoThoughts is different. We are not a business making a living building a profession, we’re a social network working to “Evolve” our Profession. We want to break down the petty politics and profiteering. We want to give everyone a chance to participate and share with everyone else. We want to make learning and community affordable and are not looking to make a living off of your desire for those things. We have jobs. We see clients every day. We do this because we love learning and community building too.

Anyway… I know you are busy, so please, take a quick minute and reserve your ticket now while you are thinking about it.  You can choose to pay or defer your payment with the click of your mouse.  This couldn’t be any easier or more affordable.

Thanks for continuing to support HypnoThoughts.