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Rebekka Putnam


Rebekka Putnam is a Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and Creator of SmokeFree Success®. Resourcing 20 years of therapeutic training and 12 years of private practice, she empowers her clients to real and lasting change. Rebekka has helped hundreds of people beat their addictions, fears, and anxieties while redirecting them onto the path they most desire. Her best credentials are her clients personal testimonials in which they proclaim their true appreciation for her expertise and guidance.

Managing Stress in Uncertain Times

Help your client feel safe and tethered in an unpredictable environment whether its political, environmental, financial or physical. Studies show that uncertainty creates more stress. Our brains are like machines that predict relationships between events in our environment. Based on experiences both past and present, we estimate the likelihood of future harm which drives us to take action to prevent negative outcomes. If we don’t know what’s likely to happen next, we don’t know whether to take action, which actions to take, and what the outcome might be. This can lead to a sense of helplessness, propelling us to be on guard in case things change suddenly, and over-stressing our sympathetic nervous system. In this session, Rebekka will show you specific hypnosis techniques to support your client in redirecting their nervous system to the parasympathetic.