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Presenter Registration 2019

I’ve got good news for you…




We are again going crazy trying to figure out which talks will be most entertaining and informative. And want to continue our tradition of being open and inclusive while providing talks from industry leaders and new exciting people.

We are receiving proposals from people around the globe wanting to present. And it looks like we will receive many many more than we have space for.


We really are committed to being the all inclusive conference so we don’t want to tell anyone they can’t be included as a presenter. Yet, sadly, there just isn’t enough space for everyone to be a speaker.

We are still committed to paying you for your presentations, $100/hour. This is a fixed cost because there are a fixed number of hours. So if you give a one hour talk you will get a crisp $100 bill right there on the spot. A two hour talk, $200, etc… We value your time, commitment, and effort.

Again this year, presenters are going to be paying a deeply discounted registration fee to cover our cost. Only $100 for all of the talks, meals, and functions. AND, you get at least 100% of it back right after your talk at the conference. We commit to pay for meals for everyone in attendance and this contribution from you ensures we are able to pay our bill with the venue.

And yes, if you’ve already registered for the conference at the regular early bird price, send us an email and let us know and we will add you to the presenter list and you will be getting a refund for the difference!

It takes us a few weeks to get all of the talks scheduled into the calendar and we work hard to make sure there is a wide spectrum of topics available at any one time. So… if you sent more than 1 proposal we are not sure yet which we would like to use. We just know we WANT YOU!

You have 2 weeks from today to accept this invitation and register below. After that time we will offer your spot to another great presenter eager to participate.

We plan to have the speaker schedule published by the end of November and if you are not happy with the talk(s) we select from you, you have until January 1, 2019 to let us know and we will refund your registration fee. If, after seeing the schedule,  you’re as excited to present at HTLive as we are to have you there, then you will still get your money refunded at the conference (and maybe more) PLUS get over 200 hours of learning opportunities and we’ll feed you every day.

You can’t lose!


If you want to be a presenter at HTLive 2019, register TODAY!