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Pre-Post Conference Training Proposals 2019

We have always been committed to providing the most diverse offerings for our pre & post conference workshops. A mixture of both time tested core and advanced trainings from elite industry leaders as well as eclectic offerings from some up and coming speakers.

Each year, hundreds of HTLive participants come early and stay late to take advantage of this diversity and get world class training at rates that are usually much better than they could find anywhere else.

Last year we initially offered 72 discrete 1, 2, and 3 day pre & post conference workshops covering the 3 days before and after the conference. Utilizing the entire conference space at the venue. Our goal was to provide the maximum opportunity for both instructors and students.

In doing so, we inadvertently created a situation that left some instructors and some students getting less than optimal value from the experience. Although the vast majority of workshops were a great success for both students and teachers, some classes had only 1 or 2 people register. This is disappointing to both instructor and the students who don’t get as rich an experience without classmates to practice with. Some workshop offerings were withdrawn due to lack of sign-ups early on. This is disappointing to everyone.

This year we hope to change that. We’ve tinkered around with our compensation model to add extra incentive for instructors to actively market their offerings. Other conferences take all the risk and split the door with you 50/50. This year, We have decided to ask you to take the risk and give you 80% of the money you earn.

We continue to be committed to providing a venue for new voices to get a start as well as a place for returning instructors to be successful. We want every class to have a great reception with students and to make it worthwhile for every instructor offering one.

It’s hard to nail down exactly what leads to success in marketing a conference workshop however we trust you to know your target audience and set your price point effectively. To help you figure out if teaching a class is right for you and, if so, what price point you should set for your offering, we’ve included a chart below showing what you could expect to make (or lose) at different price points and attendance levels. These price points are arbitrary to demonstrate the system. You get to set the price of your workshop as you see fit (we do require you charge at least $100/day for each attendee).

In general, if you are not convinced you can bring at least 5 new people to your workshop, you will not make money and you might very well lose money. For instance, if you have a 2 day training and charge $450 for the class and have 5 people sign-up, you will only make $600 for the 2 days of work. Yet, if you offer the same class and have 30 people register, you make a much bigger chunk of the pie and take home $9,600.

We will receive many more proposals than we have room for and our choices will be made largely on our perception of your ability to market and sell your offering. If we choose your proposal you will receive more information about the exact compensation agreement at that time.

Keep your submission concise for now. We will ask for more detailed information if we move forward with your proposal. The deadline for applying is 10/21/19