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Phylicia Mason



Phylicia Mason -CHt received her certification in 2011 at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. She currently has an office in Southern California, Coachella Valley Hypnosis, which centers on regression hypnotherapy. This is her fourth year at HypnoThoughts Live, where she loves to volunteer. Phylicia also has extensive experience in the performing arts. She consistently performs in stage shows and film work in Southern California.

Go With the Flow: Using Improv to Boost Creativity and Handle The Unexpected

Improvisation skills aren’t just for actors, but there’s no better way to learn to improvise than from a professional performer! Learning to think on your feet and find creative solutions to problems will help you whether you are performing a stage show or working one-on-one in your office. By honing your ability to improvise, you will appear more confident, professional, and your shows will be run more seamlessly! Using improvisation gets your imagination soaring, and you’ll see how easily you can access your creative mind with just a few games! Get hands-on training in fun exercises and activities, as well as practical advise you can use in your daily practice.