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Philipp Niemeyer


Philipp Niemeyer -born in the small German town Uslar in 1994, is a sports scientist and sports & movement therapist. After graduating with master’s degree from Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany he works at a university cooperating rehabilitation center there. Since the visit of a stage hypnosis show when he was nine years old, he is fascinating by hypnosis and the power of the human body and mind. Today Philipp connects hypnosis with scientific research and integrates it in his work with sportsmen and patients.

Think and get Strong! Hypnosis as a Great Tool in Sports Performance Development

A couple of years ago mental training was a much discussed topic in professional sports. Meanwhile, it is a fixed part of sports performance training. Scientific research shows that movement quality and maximal strength improve through imagination and attention training. Hypnosis can combine mental training with positive suggestions or imaginations of special situations during a match or competition and increase the effects this way within a trance state. Special hypnotic exercises will transfer the mental training effects on the match field and bring the athletes on the next level.

I am going to show how to improve sports performance with hypnosis and specific exercises and demonstrate how I integrate hypnosis in sports performance training.