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Paul Wong


Paul Wong – is the founder of Heart Wisdom Process & Chinese Energetics. He is an author, life coach, master healer, and trainer with a private practice serving clients worldwide. His mission is to bring ancient wisdom back into modern day society and help people evolve their hearts.

Heart Wisdom Process: Healing Relationship Challenges

Learn to heal and get to the source of your deepest relationship wounds for your clients or for yourself. Often times, we deal with stress and day-to-day triggers of life, but behind that is unresolved pain that is hiding in the depths of the subconscious. If these are not resolved, then you are likely to experience unhappiness and self-sabotage with your current day relationships, relating to romance, family, work, and business. You will learn to peel away the layers in the subconscious mind and get to the source of suffering with the Heart Wisdom Process.

Paul is also offering a 1 day post conference workshop: Heart Wisdom Process: Foundations Level 1

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