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Patrick Singleton



Patrick Singleton – has been teaching and using Hypnotherapy and NLP for 20 plus years, having taught students from all over the world. He’s presented at the Hypnothoughts Live Conference twice before, and also at the IMDHA Conference in Florida more than once, and numerous times at the ACHE Conference in California. He teaches Classes and workshops in Santa Fe N.M., where maintains his private practice, but has also given trainings in Seattele, San Diego, Austin, Connecticut, and Hot Springs Arkansas. He Teaches NLP, Natal and Past-Life Regression, Inner Mind Sourcing Facilitator, Self-Esteem Training and Vibrant Health Training.

Re-Coding, the lost NLP alternative to Regression Therapy

One of the main staples of a successful Hypnotherapy practice is Regressions Therapy, or Age Regression. And while Age Regression has a long history of usefulness in Hypnotherapy, it’s also time consuming, often emotionally intense, and many clients simply don’t want to go there. Re-Coding on the other hand, gives you all of the benefits of more traditional Regression methods, but without all the drama. It’s an effective method which utilizes core principles of NLP in an eloquent way to create powerful, positive change, and it avoids many of the things that clients sometimes complain about with Regression methods.