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Patricia Eslava-Vessey



Patricia Eslava-Vessey – In addition to over 30 years doing social work, both as a front line worker and regional manager and trainer in a government agency, I’ve had a parallel career teaching multi-format fitness classes including yoga and providing personal training and teacher training. Through experiences and education, I’ve learned to help students/clients utilize mind/body connections and movement to resolve and heal challenges. Additional credentials include, master practitioner level in NLP, hypnotherapist, credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), three national fitness certifications as well as having created and conducted hundreds of presentations.
The modified Dancing Score pattern is an empowering process.

Dance Away Problems with NLP Powerful Mind-Body Solutions to Life’s Toughest Challenges

Movement and dance are forms of representation and communication that are often closer to our mental and emotional processes than verbal representations. They access parts of the nervous system that are not typically available to us. In this workshop you will learn a kinesthetic pattern to help access solutions to problems by enhancing your intuition and body wisdom through movement.

This modified NLP, Dancing SCORE pattern promotes the mind  body relationship in a way that accesses and mobilizes deep resources, creating a self-organizing pathway toward a resourceful and relevant state. As well, it can be a powerful stimulus for doing effective problem solving, discovering and creating metaphors, gaining access to unconscious resources, healing and ultimately self-evolution and expression.