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Patricia Eslava-Vassey



Patricia Eslava-Vassey – is a PCC credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and certified mentor coach, clinical hypnotherapist, master practitioner of NLP, certified fitness trainer, health coach, and author. She has hypnotized thousands of people and led hundreds of group hypnosis classes. She has created, and presented a wide variety of workshops, including Extraordinary Self-Care at local colleges and numerous conferences. She has taught a wide variety of fitness, wellness classes, including yoga for three decades.

Patricia Eslava Vessey created Integrity Coaching & Training Systems in 2004 after working 30 years in social work and in the health and fitness field. She has helped thousands of people to dream bigger, make better choices, and achieve powerful and lasting changes for over three decades.
Patricia is a also motivational speaker trainer; leadership and teambuilding coach; and health and fitness trainer. She has created and delivered numerous specialized seminars, yoga retreats and corporate events and is available to support your team. Her numerous and popular classes are described as “informative, inspiring, uplifting, amazing, motivating and life changing”. Patricia is passionate about helping people abolish limiting, negative and destructive beliefs and behaviors so they can lead confident, successful and fulfilled lives. Whether the transformation is in one of her numerous and varied fitness, wellness, leadership or other classes, in a coaching relationship or in a conversation, Patricia’s devotion to supporting others is transforming.

Hypno Spa for Practitioners & Performers

We all need a little help sometimes, right? In this profession we want to “appear” to have our lives together. But the truth is, sometimes they are not. Remember those times you’ve felt stuck or helpless with self-doubt, low self-esteem and just not feeling good enough – when you’ve thought of giving up?
We’ve all had those negative feelings at one time or another. It’s a human thing and comes with being in the people-building business. Sometimes our “stuff” gets triggered. If you are like most of us your own self-care is at the bottom of the list, even though we know we NEED to walk our talk…
Taking time to care for ourselves, and address and heal own issues and challenges is critical to the work we do in the world.
Gather up and bring that “stuff”, that often gets in your way, with you to this workshop, because, this is for you! You will experience an amazing healing and reenergizing hypno session designed to nurture and nourish your mind, body, and soul. You will connect with self, source; and remember how great you really and truly are and you will leave feeling fantastic.
Bring your yoga mat, towel, or special chair if you want to recline on the floor or be more comfortable.
You will:
• Massage your mind with relaxation
• Release the knots and tension of stressful thoughts
• Remove the mental block that has kept you stuck
• Rejuvenate, heal, reenergize and strengthen your mind, body and spirit