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Pamela O’Leary


Pamela O’Leary – As a clinical hypnotist I am holistic and listen to my clients and what their needs are. Every session is different and with my wide range of skills I am able to offer more than just a hypnosis session.

When I am facilitating a healing I tune into my client’s energy. I then know whether it will be a hands on or off or a combination of the many healing modalities I am familiar with. My belief is that we can only heal ourselves. I like to think of what I do as a ‘kick start’ to you healing yourself.

My sessions can be very gentle leaving my clients feeling very relaxed. Some are high energy with my clients ready to take on their challenges with enthusiasm.

I run a number of healing and hypnosis workshops. A favorite is my Chakra Balancing through self hypnosis.
I look forward to sharing with experiences with you.

Chakra Balancing With Self Hypnosis

We will look at the 7 chakra points which are our energy centres through the body. Participants will learn:
– characteristics of each
– what happens when they are out of balance
– recognising family, friends and co-workers with blocked chakra points (that’s the fun part!)
– gaining back our energy
– self hypnosis for each point