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Olena Prokopenko


Olena Prokopenko– holds a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology and is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. She has received several hypnosis certifications including one from a year long Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute where she studied with several noteworthy modern hypnosis instructors including Melissa Tiers and now works at the Newport Clinic founded by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark. She runs groups at the rehab clinics for addiction recovery and sees private practice clients for anxiety and performance. Her previous experience includes private hypnosis practice since 2012, running groups at a healing center, working at a rural clinic alongside medical professionals where she contributed to reducing pharmaceutic drug addictions, and at a non-profit counseling center. In her free time, she loves to do yoga and spend time with her four kids.

Working with Clients with Highly Sensitive Personality

HSPs (people with Highly Sensitive Personality) make up less than 20% of total population yet they make up at least 50% of all clients coming in for therapy or hypnosis. They excel therapeutic situations because they are sensitive to changes in their environment. In this partly research informed look at HSPs and partly interactive workshop, learn how to recognize which of your clients are HSP, how to work more effectively with your HSP clients, and how to attract them to your practice.