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Olena Prokopenko


Olena Prokopenko–┬áis a certified hypnosis practitioner through Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute. She has maintained private practice in hypnosis for 4 years and presently works in the Newport Clinic in Newport Beach, founded by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark. Olena interned as a Masters level student and a clinical counselor at a medical clinic, specializing there in chronic pain reduction, and working closely with medical staff on patient treatment. She is passionate about bringing mind-body approaches into traditional medical settings. Her special interests are in energy medicine and developing intuitive abilities.

Working with the Highly Sensitive Client

Highly Sensitive Person is an evidence-based personality type, defined by Dr. Elaine Aron, that makes up roughly 20% of the population. However, they are also at least 50% of clients in a therapeutic setting. Furthermore, they are usually the ones making the best progress. The defining trait is that their nervous systems are more active than those of an average person. Hypnosis can help HSPs with learning relaxation tools, overcoming social anxiety, reducing the overstimulation they often feel in today’s busy world, and turning their worries into inspiration for purpose-driven action. In this presentation, you will learn how to market to HSPs, how to recognize them, and how to help them best using hypnosis.