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Nicole Weber


Nicole Weber – I hold a Diploma Degree in Social Sciences (Social Psychology, Sociology, Politics, and Business Administration) and am a NGH certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher.
I am German but grew up bilingual as I spent my kindergarten years in El Paso, Texas.
Since my teanage years I’ve been experimenting with hypnosis and various forms of energy work, later I received formal training in Hypnosis, Reiki, Shamanism, Alternative Animal Healing, Animal Communication and became a Centered Riding Instructor.
I combine all of the above in my full-time practice when I work with riders and their horses getting to the best relationship they can achieve which is one of two things I am absolutely passionate about. The other is helping clients gain self-love and -trust as I feel that the lacking of either is what leads to most problems.

Energy work for hypnotists

Have you ever felt depleted after working with clients?
Have you heard about grounding, energy, clearing and are you wondering what it all means?
I often get asked by colleagues what they can do to protect themselves from feeling drained after a session or taking on their clients physical pain. We will explore these possibilities.
This will be a session filled with practice and you will know what energy feels like and how to protect yourself energetically after.