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Nicole Wackernagel



Nicole Wackernagle – is a certified Hypnotherapist and has a full time practice in Wil, Switzerland. She is the director of the Swiss Hypnosis Institute and a IMDHA/IACT Master Instructor. She is teaching in Europe the Confident Hypnosis Masterclass which is a big success for the last 2 years. She is also Trainer of the the Dave Elman Methods and is teaching doctors, dentists and nurses in Europe. She is specialized in medical Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with kids. As a trainer she is training also hypnotherapist in Europe in the Goulding SleepTalk process.

Become Confident with Your Induction

Confidence is one of the keys being successful with your hypnosis practice. But what makes you confident? Are you sure that the client is to 100% hypnotized whether in the clinic, on the stage or even on the street? And how do you know it? Learn these little tricks and tips what makes not only more confident but also learn how to get almost ANYONE into hypnosis, almost EVERY time!As a special bonus, learn the trick that banishes that age-old problem… Never again hear the phrase, “I’m not sure I was hypnotized.“