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Nicole Wackernagel



Nicole Wackernagle – Originally Nicole was working in the hospital. She was always fascinated about this wonderful tool of hypnosis. Experiencing herself was even more exciting and made her very passioned about it. She is a hypnotherapist since 2010, working on full time since 2013. She is a IMDHA and IACT Master hypnosis Instructor, a Goulding Sleeptalk trainer, a Trainer of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institut and a keynote speaker. She is also the director of the Swiss Hypnosis Institut in Switzerland.

The Goulding SleepTalk Process

The Goulding SleepTalk® process which is a very loving process, allows the subconscious mind of a child to redefine its belief structure and accept alternate suggestions which upon awakening becomes their truth and reality. Not all children need this process but it’s a given that they will all benefit from it. I will give you a little insight in the whole process and in the work and how can it be implied in the hypnosis with kids.