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Nicholas Pallesen

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Nicholas Pallesen is a Board Certified Hypnotist and internationally performing operatic baritone. He has sung with the Metropolitan Opera, English National Opera, and many other companies throughout the world. He also maintains a full schedule of clients, working primarily with performing and creative artists to help them overcome onstage and offstage challenges. He is also on the guest faculty of several music conservatories, festivals, and artist training programs.

How to Make Stage Fright Your Friend

Potential clients call hypnotists every day to overcome performance anxiety in public speaking, sports, and musical performance. And believe it or not, even some hypnotists deal with a little stage fright when they give a presentation or do a stage show. Hear perspectives on performance anxiety learned “in the trenches” by an internationally performing, award-winning opera singer who regularly sings for crowds of thousands and who primarily works with performers in his hypnosis practice. You’ll learn strategies to help shift perspectives on stage fright, as well as practical techniques that you and your clients can use to have FUN and nail that next presentation or performance!

What You SAY Is What You Get

Depending on how we approach it, our self-talk can be our greatest friend or our worst enemy. A little healthy self-criticism or encouragement can inspire and spur us into growth and action, but it can also can backfire and keep us from fulfilling our potential. Clients frequently contact hypnotists to help them release unwanted self-talk and limiting beliefs, and people often remark that despite their best efforts and willpower, they struggle to silence the inner critic.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss:

– What the first motion picture teaches us about our thoughts
– Why positive thinking doesn’t always work

In addition, you will learn:

– Powerful, fun techniques to interrupt and challenge negative self-talk
– How to quickly neutralize the emotional impact of unhelpful thoughts
– How to create more supportive, productive self-talk

If you’re looking to “get out of your head” and take back control of your self-talk, this workshop is for you!