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Nancy Hunter

Nancy Hunter


Nancy Hunter – started her professional career as an art therapist. She found that working with images that clients produced on paper was not that different from working with the images within their minds. She was already doing a lot of work with inner creative imagery before she was formally trained as a hypnotist. She trained as an art therapist with the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, and later with Mike Mandel in both Ericksonian and direct hypnosis. She is a registered art therapist, and a master practioner of both hypnosis and NLP. She has been working as a therapist since 1989 and as a hypnotherapist since 1999.

Dealing with Distractions During Self Hypnosis

This talk will briefly go over the basics of self hypnosis, and then focus on teaching your clients (or yourself) how to deal with distractions during self hypnosis. Practical tips and guidelines will help to make your self hypnosis sessions more effective, powerful, focused and relaxed than ever.

 The Enneagram and Hypnosis

The Enneagram will be explained and the patterns of each of the nine types will be examined. Then we will explore how knowing a person’s enneagram type can direct and focus your approach to work with people of each type. You will learn:
◆the main underlying feelings and defenses of each type
◆how each Enneagram style is a form of living trance when seen through the principles of hypnosis and how to use that perspective as a diagnostic tool
◆how to use hypnosis techniques to find and work with the unconscious imagery that drives Enneagram defenses