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Morella Lascurain


Morella Lascurain –  graduated from medical school in 1993. Early in her career as a physician, she became fascinated by the role of a person’s subjective experience of life in the occurrence of health and illness. Over the years, she understood that the conventional medical paradigm could not recognize the whole-person origin of disease and was limited to providing symptomatic solutions to illness, so she began her quest for more profound ways of healing. Having trained in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Transformative Coaching and Ayurveda, she has been practicing Mind Body healthcare from Mother-Well Holistic Health, the integrative multidisciplinary healthcare center she co-created in Auckland, New Zealand, since 2004.

Nail it every time! Your step-by-step map to success in hypnotherapeutic interventions

Have you ever wondered why some of your sessions result in hypno-miracles whilst some others fail to trigger any change in your client? In clinic, it is not enough to master the process of hypnosis itself, you must also know what new state and suggestions will achieve maximum benefits for each individual client. Learn a proven strategy for you to deliver outstanding results with every client, in every session. Identify the 7 common mistakes that lead to hypnotherapy failure, practice the 7 steps involved in achieving outstanding success in therapy
and develop the key ingredient that makes this success strategy work consistently.

Narrative Alchemy. Transforming stories that are Lead into Gold to heal sick bodies.

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives shape not only our thoughts, emotions, relationships and behaviors, but also the structure and function of our bodies. Our bodies express the meanings we make of our life events symbolically, so that illness is the physical manifestation of stories that are constraining and painful. This is an unconventional proposal in healthcare that opens the possibility of healing radically, through the transformation of negative stories, to others that are positive and empowering.
The narrative approach to hypnotherapy consists in engaging the client to recognize the connection between their symptoms and their life experience, discovering the stories linked to the client’s ailment through collaborative effort, and finally, catalyzing the transmutation of the client’s story in order to enable healing.