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Monique Wilson


Monique Wilson -My work has many faces, I am an Indigenous Healer who uses Hypnosis in all of my work. I guide and aid the living with finding balance. And I guide and aid the dying with finding peace, acceptance, calm… balance. I have been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 5 years, a graduate of the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy. I have volunteered for Hospice for 8 years, and have been practicing Shamanic Healing for over 15 years.

Hypnosis for the Dying & Bereaved

I will teach some of the techniques of compassionate hypnosis for people who are dying, and for the Bereaved. I will be applying approaches that are taught in Hospice work, and integrating our profession into that approach.

Anxiety, Spirituality, Anger, Hopelessness, are many of the emotional experiences of those who have watched a loved one die, or who are dying themselves. I will show how hypnosis is a compassionate response to the emotional upheaval our clients are experiencing.
The techniques are not new (or may be) to many hypnotists, however, HOW to apply them to helping the dying will be new.