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Mike Mandel  


Mike Mandel is a forensic hypnotist, police trainer, graphologist, NLP Trainer, and martial artist. Along with Chris Thompson, he runs the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy online, and teaches therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and lay hypnotists 3 times per year at the University of Toronto.

Graphology for the Working Therapist

MINDSCAPING is an original method for directly accessing the unconscious mind. Milton Erickson was known for delivering the perfect metaphor at the perfect time to help a client change. Unfortunately most of us don’t possess Erickson’s genius, making this extremely difficult to replicate. With MINDSCAPING, the client’s own unconscious provides you with the perfect metaphor to unlock their problem. MINDSCAPING works on both remedial and generative changes, and belongs in the toolbox of all professional hypnotherapists, counselors and coaches.

Crafting Metaphors: Stories That Change Lives

Metaphors rank among the most powerful conversational hypnotic tools. This session reveals the structure behind great metaphors. As an attendee you’ll discover exactly how to create powerful, transformative stories and deliver them hypnotically. This class is suitable for total beginners or advanced hypnotists.

Mike is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop: Mindscaping

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