HypnoThoughts LIVE 2019

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Miguel Cocco & Alberto D’Isolla

Diving into the Unconscious Mind

2 DAY PRE CONFERENCE, Tuesday & Wednesday,
August 22-23



This 2 day training we will teach you how can learn from other Non Speaking references in the world of hypnosis, learning new skills and techniques based on psychology models to improve your hypnotherapy practice from rapid to conversational hypnosis. Will be teaching you the principles in such a creative way that easily  so you can shape and build your own techniques, upgrading your performance within the hypnotherapy Industry.

First time together 2 of the Top Hypnosis Trainers in the Latin Hypnosis World:
Alberto D’Isolla and Miguel Cocco both Psychologists and Hypnosis Trainers together with more than thousands of students from Europe to South America.